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5 Best CEOs of Pakistan & Why they are the Best

5 Best CEOs of Pakistan , and Why they are the BEST It goes without saying that a CEO chair at any given company is the most back-breaking one to sit upon. It demands a definitive skillset and determination to climb up to it, and then to rule the reign. Today’s article is about the best of the CEOs in Pakistan, who were chosen not because of their financial status or net worth, but because of particular persona which set them apart from conformist money-making machines. 1)       MAHEEN RAHMAN Maheen Rahman, the CEO of Alfalah GHP Investment Management, is the youngest head of any asset management company in Pakistan. But that’s not why she’s No.1 on our list. She’s here because of how she captained a sinking ship at IGI Funds in 2009, and saved not only the company, but everyone onboard too. She doubled the assets and reduced the equity returns by 60% in just one year. Alfalah couldn’t help but notice and made her the CEO in 2013. 2)            NADEEM HUSSAIN